What to Expect

Expect to be invited to sing along with music, have moments of prayer, hear an engaging message, meet a few people, grow in the knowledge of Jesus and experience God’s presence.

We begin at 10:00am. Feel free to show up a little early if ya like (or a little late). Our gathering will last approximately 80 minutes.

Easy - Wear what you're comfortable with! If you're a jeans and tee kinda person, wear that! If you like to dress up on Sundays, that's cool too! Some of us wear jeans and tees (like the pastor). Others of us dress up a little with a skirt, dress, or slacks and a button down (usually withuot a tie). 

That's completely ok! It might even be normal? Pastor Brad felt sick to his stomach the first time he went to church. What he came to learn is that it was likely a spiritual resistance to the goodness of God. Join us a week or two and the nerves will begin to fade away. 

Hope Church Bellevue currently gathers for worship at Bierkeller Hall & Restaurant at the bottom of the track overpass. The address is 600 Southwest St. Bellevue, OH 44811. Park at the back and use the hall entrance.

We have two separate, safe kids environments where your young ones will also get to experience the love, grace, worship, and teachings of Jesus in an age appropriate atmosphere. 

  • NURSERY: Birth - 3 Years Old
  • KIDS: Pre-School - 5th Grade

What About COVID?

Here are some FAQs regarding worship during COVID.
  • Household units are encouraged to sit together at 6ft round tables (think social distancing). 
  • No food or drink will be served. Bring your own coffee mug - full of coffee!
  • Minimal physical contact (no passing offering buckets / communion plates / etc.) will be observed.

While the governor and/or the local leadership mandate or request masks in public, we are requesting that everyone over the age of ten (10), without medical or mental conditions preventing, please wear a mask in cooperation.

Additionally, those who are "officiating” our gatherings - those whom are either speaking, teaching, or leading in singing - will not be wearing masks for those portions.

  • Kids Items: The kids items are sanitized weekly following a cleaning checklist. 
  • Hand Sanitizer: Is available at each 6ft table. 
  • Vulnerable Population: It seems according to the CDC and to the government officials that it would be best for your safety to avoid gathering in groups for the time being. 
  • Sickness & Symptoms: It would be in caring for others that if you or your child has a fever, or if there’s other aspects of symptoms that someone in the family is showing, to stay home (this really isn’t anything new). Don’t spread fevers. Don’t spread germs. So, if there’s something off, stay home for now and join us online for Hope at Home.