Where Is Hope Church Located In Bellevue?

Hope Church currently rents an upper room found at 122 1/2 E Main St, Bellevue, OH. Why is it called an upper room? Well, outside of the biblical imagery, it's literally on a third floor in the midst of our downtown buildings. 

Where IS The Parking?

We mentioned downtown buildings on Main Street. You may be wondering: "Where should I park?" That's a great question!
Four (or more) options exist for parking. (1) On-street parking on Main Street. (2) On-street parking on Monroe St. (3) Parking at the Bellevue Library parking lot and crossing Sandusky St. (4) Parking at the Public Parking Lot and crossing both Sandusky St. and Main St.
Here is a parking map to help you understand where to park.

IS There An Elevator?

Unfortunately, there is no elevator. We are presently working towards obtaining a grant for a stairlift for accessibility purposes.
We understand that a third-floor is not easily accessible and that may inhibit your participation. However, this is the next temporary space for our church community for this season that the Lord has us in. For those of you whom this is a sensitive issue, please understand that we searched all over town within walking distance of neighborhoods to attempt to find a space that was feasible for our group. Of all the most recent options; this is the space that our leadership sensed the Lord prepared for us for this time.